Black and white life! par JulienHB
GénéralLe 04 nov 2013
(UPDATE du 5/11/2013) {FR} Bonjour à tous ! Parlons un peu technique... Certains me demandent parfois comment je convertis les scans des crayonnés que je reçois en blueline pour pouvoir ensuite les encrer. Voici donc un petit tutoriel rapide. Tout d'abord, il ...
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ComicsLe 01 nov 2013
{EN} Jean-Marie Minguez is a friend. We live in the same city and we have (almost) the same lousy accent! He's also a talented artist and you can see his work on his website, deviantART gallery and here - he just created his own blog on 9èmeArt.fr! Tonight, just for fun, I inked a ...
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ComicsLe 30 oct 2013
{EN} Before I can tell you more about 2014 (big things, big fun!), let's go back to 2010. The first comics I did for the American market was Crossed: Family Values mini-series. It was written by David Lapham and pencilled by Javier Barreno. The editor was Avatar Press - so you know what to ...
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GénéralLe 24 oct 2013
{EN} Last Tuesday, I was invited to a game night party with Antonia Neyrins (some of you may know her from a famous comic book festival in Lille), thanks to Dorothée Piatek and Le Rêve de l'Escalier, in Rouen. We had the opportunity to have a look at some of her amazing travel ...
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GénéralLe 22 oct 2013
{EN} Sorry guys, I'm going to debat about free sketches vs paid commissions... And since I'm not fluent enough in English, it'll be in French. But hey! Feel free to comment anyway! !=====! {FR} Suite au post dans le blog de Spidey, où le message sous jacent était que ...
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Black and white life! par JulienHB

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