Principles of Animation par davidhill
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The one question we get asked most often at is the "which animation school should I go to?" question. That's still a tricky question to answer but the good news is with the rise of Pixar Animation StudiosDreamWorks and other animation studios becoming a professional animator is actually a viable career path. Some of our top grossing movies are animated features so the demand for good animators has definitely increased and with the increase in demand more schools and universities are offering animation degrees. 
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Principles of Animation par davidhill

Often times animators and storyboarders in the industry are able to get handouts from some of the artists who are great teachers. This is an example of such kind of handout that gets circulated among the gradually. It took me a while to retype and scan the images from this handout. Please do not reproduce this on the internet without permission. (If you want to print it out and give it to another animated student, however, PLEASE do!) The entire article from here on is by Walt Stanchfield (sp? Were on the original hand-written article.

This is a wonderful article for not only beginners but also for practiced animators.

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